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Works such as these form the basis of a long tradition of autobiographical writing in South African literature. This is a genre that has apparently always found favour with both authors and readers. There seems always to have been a substantial market of potential readers ready and willing to read the personal accounts of famous people as well as ordinary folk with interesting stories to tell. A selected bibliography follows of South African autobiographical literature as well as literary works pertaining to South African autobiographies. The arrangement is chronological and by category, and an attempt has been made to match the historical periods with the predominant themes of the respective milieus.The result is that the bibliographic items have been categorised into the following sub-headings for convenience of reference: Travel at sea; Travel; Diary; Studies on autobiographical form; Autobiography; Journal; War reminiscenses and diaries (manuscripts): Frontier Wars; The Great Trek; Boer Wars; First World War and 1914 Rebellion; Second World War; Autobiographical documents (manuscripts): Letters; Hunting; Zulu (inc. Anglo-Zulu War); Missionary; Black; Worker; Communism; Literary; Afrikaans/ Dutch; and Apartheid. Travel at sea: * 1595 Van Linschoten, Jan Huyghen Voyages. * 1620-1622 Shilling, Andrew An account of a voyage to Surat in the years 1620-1622. * 1647-48 Cape Archives A942: De Jongh, W.G. Journal written on board ship, 1648. * 1693 Ovington, John Travels to Surat and other places in Asia and Africa. * 1753-1989 Cape Archives A2512: Verster, C.T. Journal kept on board the Company's ship Buijten Zorg by Jacobus Verster. * 1761-1956 Cape Archives A 1836: Brink, F.J.L. Shipwreck of passenger ship Jessie: Journal of Frederick Russouw Tesselaar. * 1763 De Lacaille, Abbe Nicolas Louis Journal historique du voyage fait au Cap de Bonne Esperance. * 1812-1822 Albany Museum SM2957b: Pigot, E.S. Diary describing life aboard the Northampton under Capt. Charlton. * 1819-1824 Cory Library for Historical Research MS14669: Pigot, Sophia Diary relating to her voyage in SA. * 1838 South African Library, Cape Town MSB340: Morant, J. Diary of a voyage to India on the Carnatic. * 1842-1914 Transvaal Archives A1468: Van Dam, G.C.A. dagboek gehou gedurende`n seereis, ander persoonlike dokumente van Van Dam. * 1851-1901 Transvaal Archives A185/ Noome, G.C.B.O. Dagboek (1851-53), aantekeninge aangaande reis na Kaap en verblyf in Graaff-Reinet. * 1853 South African Library, Cape Town MSE24: Rabone, W.H. Copy of the Diary of a voyage from London to Algoa bay. * 1859-1910 South African Library, Cape Town MSB486: Thomas, C.N. Diary of voyage from England and arrival at the Cape. * 1861-62 Cory Library for Historical Research MS14469 Campbell, J.K. Diary of a voyage from Gravesend to P.E. * 1870 Kimberley Public Library MS230/ Behrmann, Julius Extract from the diary of Behrmann describing his experiences after the stranding of the brig.'Elite'. * 1872 Galbraith, Emma Watts Phillips Richard Mariner: or, wrecked on Caffraria * 1895-96 South African Library, Cape Town MSB521: Zevergren, C. Diary of voyage in Garth castle and stay in Cape Town. Travel (See also Missionary): * 1660-1664 Van Meerhof, Pieter Exploratory expeditions * 1683 Claudius, Hendrik Rapport van den vaendrich Oloff Bergh... op hare reyse na de cralie van de Namaquas. * 1685-1686 Claudius, Hendrik Dagregister en beschryvinge van de voyagie gedaan naar het Amaquas land, onder het beleid van den Ed. Heer Simon van der Stel, commandeur van Cabo de Boa Esperança * 1772;1775;1776 Sparrman Andreas Reize naar de Kaap de Goede Hoop in de jarren 1772 tot 1776 gedaan. * Paterson, Lieut. William A narrative of four journeys into the country of the Hottentots and Caffraria in the years 1777-9. * 1779 Wikar, Hendrik Jacob Berigt aan den Weleedelen Gestrengen Heer Mr. Joachim van Plettenbergh... * 1789 Cory Library for Historical Research MS1145: Von Winkelman Franz Copy of the first 17 pages of an account of his travels in kaffirland in German. * 1790-1791 Cape Archives A802: Versfeld, D. Journal kept by Jacob van Reenen during his search for the wreck of the Grosvenor. * 1793 Valentyn, Sebastiaan Diary of boat journey along the West Coast up to Walvisbay * 1795 Thunberg, Karl Peter Reizen in Europa, Afrika en Azie * 1799-1802 South African Library, Cape Town MSB628: Somerville, William Narrative of his journeys to the eastern Cape Frontier and the Lattakoe. * 1803 Van Reenen, Dirk Gysbert Dag-verhaal eener reize naar de binnelanden van Afrika beoosten de Kaap de Goede Hoop geleegen. * 1804 Percival, Captain Robert An account of the Cape of Good Hope. * 1812 Burchell, William J. Travels in the interior of South Africa. travel;autobiography. * 1812 Lichtenstein, M.K.H. Reisen in Suid Afrika. travel; prose;autobiography. * 1814 Salt, Henry A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country (1809-10) in which are included an account of the Portuguese settlements on the East coast of Africa ... together with vocabularies of their respective languages. * 1822-1824 Burchell William J. Travels in the interior of southern Africa. * 1829 Rose, Cowper Four years in Southern Africa. * 1830 Swaving, Justus Gerhardus Reizen en lotgevallen. (Travels and adventures) * 1831 Chase, Hon. John Centlivres S Afr. Quart. Notice respecting the expedition overland from the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope to the Portuguese settlement at de la Goa Bay. * 1832 Boyce, B. Miss.Notices,7:197 Faku's tribe, Amaponda-Land. Extracts from the journal of Mr. Boyce. * 1832 Martineau, Harriet Life in the wilds * 1835 Moodie, John Ten years in South Africa * 1835 Steedman, Andrew Wanderings and adventures in the interior of Sourthern Africa. * 1836 Isaacs, Nathaniel Travels and adventures in Eastern Africa * 1848 Bunbury, Charles J.F. Journal of a residence at the Cape of Good Hope, with excursions into the interior and notes on the natural history and the native tribes. * 1848 Methuen, Henry H. Life in the wilderness * 1848 Ward, Mrs.Harriet Five years in Kaffirland * 1851 Thompson, George Adventures and observations. * 1852 Barter, C.B.C.L. Adventure of an Oxford Collegian in Africa: Dorp and veld, or six months in Natal. * 1852 Cole, Alfred Whaley The Cape and the Kafirs; or, notes of five years' residence in South Africa. * 1852 Cape Archives A798: Jackson, D. Diary kept by D Jackson during his journey to Orange River. * 1852-1876 South African Library, Cape Town MSA467: Steytler J.J. MS Journal of a visit to the continent, his return to England and voyage to the Cape, 1871-72. * 1853 Plante, R.W. Rep Brit. Ass. Adv. Sci. 22 On a second journey to St Lucia Bay, and the adjacent country in South-East Africa. * 1859 Van Reenen, J. Cape Monthly Mag. 6:31 Journal of Jacob van Reenen in search of the 'Grosvenor's' wreck and crew. * 1861 Albany Museum SM3283: Wilcox, J.S. An account of the journey with all incidents and adventures from London to Grahamstown. * 1862 Cory Library for Historical Research MS7219: Childs, Sarah Copy of a diary describing a voyage from Gravesend to the Cape. * 1863 Baur, R. Periodical Accounts 24:258 Report of an exploratory journey into Kaffraria by the brethren R. Baur and H. Hartman, * 1865 Mayor, W.H.G. Kingston Philip Life amongst the Kaffirs * 1871 Albany Museum SM2607: Dugmore, E.J. Journal of EJD describes a journey by ox-wagon from the farm klipplaatdrift on the Koonap River to the Diamond Fields. * 1872 Baur, R. Periodical Accounts 28:295 Account of a journey from Baziya to Entumasi. * 1874-1879 South African Library, Cape Town MSE 29: McKiernan, G. Narrative of five years travels in South Africa. * 1874 Hope, P. Journal of Royal Geographical Society 44 Journey from Natal via the South African Republic, and across the Lebombo mountains to Lorenco Marques or Delgoa Bay, and thence to the gold fields near Leydenberg. * 1877 Baines, Thomas The gold regions of South Eastern Africa. * 1879 Ballantyne, R.M. Six months at the Cape, or letters to Periwinckle from South Africa * 1880 Sandeman E.F. Eight months in an ox-waggon. Reminiscences of Boer life. * 1883-1976 Cape Archives A1793: Van Zyl, D.H. Manuscripts of articles and books by van Zyl and accounts of his travels in Europe, Africa and South America. * 1886 Albany Museum SM5450/a1: Moresby-White, Johanna Journal of an Oxen wagon trip taken by E & RM White & children. * 1893 Selous, Frederick Courteney Travel and adventure in South-East Africa. * 1893 Wood, Joseph Garbett Through Mashonaland. * 1908 African Monthly 4:21 Bain's Journal. * 1910 Poch, R. Geographical Journal 35 Dr. Poch's travels in the southern Kalahari. * 1912 South African Library,Cape Town MSB 399: Raubenheimer John Diary of a trip to Europe. * 1916 Stock, J.L.W. Engl. Historical Review 31:124 The diary of a cattle expedition among the Hottentots in 1707. * 1926 Among the Bantu nomads: a record of forty years spent among the Bechuana, a numerous and famous branch of the central South African Bantu, with the first full description of their ancient customs, manners and beliefs. * 1928-30 Lichtenstein, M.K.H. Travels in Southern Africa in the years 1803, 1804, 1805 and 1806. * 1942-1953 Cape Archives A2511: Abbott, W.C. An account of the travels of WCA of Rondebosch. * 1961 Van Heerden, Ernst Etikette op my koffer. * 1965 Brink, André P. Elders mooiweer en warm. * 1973 Farini, G.A. Through the Kalahari Desert: a narrative of a journey with a gun, camera, and note-book to Lake N'Gami and back. travel;autobiography. * 1973 FitzPatrick, Sir James Percy Through Mashonaland with pick and pen. * 1973 Krauss, F. Travel journal / Cape to Zululand: observations by a collector and naturalist, 1938-40. * 1973 Valentyn, F. Description of the Cape of Good Hope with the matters concerning it. Part II. * 1974 Perham, M. African apprenticeship: an autobiographical journey in southern Africa, 1929. * 1975 Smith, A. Andrew Smith's journal of his expedition into the interior of South Africa, 1834-36: an authentic narrative of travels and discoveries, the manners and customs of the native tribes, and the physical nature of the country. * 1980 Breytenbach, Breyten A season in paradise. * 1984 Wilmot, Robert A Cape traveller's diary, 1856. Diary (See also Afrikaans/ Dutch): * 1680 South African Library, Cape Town MSC6: Crail, Peter Diary CF Dredge. * 1780-1865 Cape Archives A1005: Du Plessis, R.J. manuscript;diary. * 1797 Duminy, Johanna Margareta fragments of her diary. * 1799-1866 Cape Archives A79: McGregor, Rev. A. Diaries. * 1803-1935 Cape Archives A2565 De Villiers, Lord J.H. Various diaries; biography. * 1806-07 Cory Library for Historical Research MS14246 Damant, Elizabeth Diary: Life in England. * 1807-1966 Cape Archives A2339 Botha, C.G. Typescript of precis diary of Abraham de Schmidt. * 1810 Cape Archives A1977 Flinders, Matthew Copy of part of the diary of Matthew Flinders. * 1819-1821 South African Library, Cape Town MSB10 Ayliff, Rev. John A Settler's diary, 1819-1821 (manuscript). * 1819 Cape Archives A1808: Wolfaard, C.J. Diary. * 1820-1836 Albany Museum SMD948 Bowker, B.E. Diary. * 1823-1971 National English Literary Museum Grahamstown Pl014 Ayliff, Rev. John Diary, 1823-1831, extracts. Ms. Alterations (manuscript). * 1826-1943 Cape Archives A2561: Duckitt, F.W. Diaries/ day books, 1828-1898. * 1832-1840 South African Library, Cape Town MSE25: Herschel, Sir J.F.W. Diaries. * 1835-1866 South African Library, Cape Town MSB391 Porter, Francis Diaries and notebooks. * 1835-1893 Natal Archives A96: Shepstone, Theophilus Diaries and letters to various correspondents. * 1835 Cory Library for Historical Research MS14468: Gilfillan, W.F. Diary. * 1836-1839 Albany Museum SMD861 Bowker, J.M. Diary. * 1836-1919 Free State Archive A434: Brink, J.G. manuscript;diary. * 1836-1838 Natal Archives A925: Runciman, K. Diary of D.D. Buchanan. * 1836 South African Library, Cape Town MSE23: Franklin, Jane Diary. * 1838-1861 Cory Library for Historical Research MIC64: Pike, Elijah Diary and notebook. * 1839-1856 Cory library for Historical Research MIC7: Wahlberg, J.A. Diaries. * 1839 Genth, W.C. Periodical Accounts 15. Extract of the diary of Shiloh. * 1841-1936 South African Library, Cape Town MSC15: Merriman, J.X. Diaries with scattered entries, letters. * 1843-1854 Albany Museum SM5498: Slater, J.F. Diary. * 1844-1891 Natal Archives A393: Fleming, A. Diary and letters of J. Fleming. * 1844-1855 Cory Library for Historical Research MS17138: Dixon, Peter Diary. * 1844 Cape Archives A453: Sutherland, A. Diary. * 1848-1928 Natal Archives A72: Schoon, Rev. Herman Frederik Diaries. * 1850-1958 Diary of Frederick Green, 1857 (manuscript). * 1851-1933 South African Library, Cape Town MSE1: Muir, Sir T. Diaries, reviews, poems. * 1852-1906 Cape Archives Burt, G.L. Extracts from diary of PL Rossouw. * 1852-53 Cape Archives A733 Champion, H.F. Diary. * 1854-1875 Cory Library for Historical Research PR3517 Chase, Hon. John Centlivres Diary. * 1854 Cory Library for Historical Research MS7111-MS7118: Mullins, R.J. Diaries of Rev. RJ Mullins missionary and priest in the Anglican Diocese of Grahamstown. * 1858-1864 Albany Museum SMD982 Ayton, G.W. diary (manuscript). * 1858-1860 Natal Archives A924: Runciman, A. Diary of Mary Elizabeth Buchanan daughter of D.D. Buchanan. * 1859 Cory library for Historical Research MS17139: Latham, William Diary. * 1862-1890 Kimberley Public Library MS461/ Gregory, Robert Shorthand diary of life in South Africa, 1862-1890, mainly Pietermaritzburg. * 1863-1865 Cape Archives A670: Fletcher, P. Diary. * 1865-1866 South African Library, Cape Town MSB 100: Cooper, Agnes manuscript;diary. * 1867-1921 South African Library, Cape Town MSC14: Merriman, Agnes Diaries, Note books and Account book of Agnes Merriman. * 1869-1973 South African Library, Cape Town MSB786: Roddy, M.N. Manuscript diary of John Craven Carden Mansergh. * 1870-97 Cory Library for Historical Research MS14559-MS14571: O' Connor, J.T. Diaries. * 1871-1919 Cory Library for Historical Research MS17099: Grant, J.M. Diaries. * 1873-1884 Cape Archives A1603: Dorrington, M.R. Extracts from the diary of Marianne Kerr Dorrington. * 1875-1942 South African Library, Cape Town MSC21: Innes, Sir J. Rose Memoirs, diary notes on legal points, etc. * 1876-1931 Cape Archives A890: Watson, J.F. Diaries of Lieut. Harrison Fraser Watson. * 1877-78 Cory Library for Historical Research MS6444-MS6445: Woods, Capt. Alexander Thomas Diary. * 1877-1878 South African Library, Cape Town MSB106 Campling, W.B. The diary of Dr. Campling * 1879-1884 Cory Library for Historical Research PR3709: Cory, Sir George Edward Diaries. * 1879-1883 South African Library, Cape Town MSB178: Eyre, F.G. Diary of F.G. Eyre. * 1879-1881 Kimberley Public Library MS494/ Carney ,G.H. Diary. * 1880-1895 Kimberley Public Library MS35/ Hull, G.H. Diaries and account books of G.H. Hull. * 1880-1881 Diaries of Rev. John Alfred Wookey (manuscript). * 1881-1896 Albany Museum SMD36: Street, G.S. Diary. * 1882-1910 Transvaal Archives W184 Greathead, J.B. Dagboeke van dr. Greathead. * 1882-1885 Diary of Dr. J.B. Greathead on Kimberley tour. * 1882-1885 Kimberley Public Library MS570/ Pescod, Rev. William Diary, addresses, letters, photos. * 1884-1916 Cape Archives A1403: O' Donnell, M.H. Diaries. * 1884-1910 National English Literary Museum Grahamstown 1060/1-10A: FitzPatrick, Sir James Percy 10 Diaries. * 1892-1916 Cory Library for Historical Research MS17100: Grant, R.C. Diaries. * 1892-93 South African Library, Cape Town MSB460: Strachey, G.L. Diary. * 1893-1950 South African Library, Cape Town MSC4 Boonzaier, D.C. Diaries. * 1894 Albany Museum SMD906: Rubidge, A.H. The diary of A.H.Rubidge. * 1895-1980 South African Library,Cape Town MSC54: Price, Pattie Diaries. * 1895-1896 Cape Archives A2592: Ridge, S. South African Diary, 1895-1896 by William George Davies. * 1896-1982 Cape Archives A2366 Bokhorst, M. Diaries, 1942-1980. * 1897 Smit, Rev. Erasmus diary voortrekker;autobiography;diary. * 1898-99 Cape Archives House, A. Diary of Kathleen. * 1899-1975 South African Library, Cape Town MSB78a: Currey, W.M. Diary, 1944. * 1900-1902 Natal Archives A827: Van Lingen, M.J. Diary of P.J. Strydom. * 1900-1901 Transvaal Archives A1135: De Bruyn, J.M. Manuscript Diary. * 1900-52 South African Library, Cape Town MSB619 Barry, G.I. Diaries. * 1901-1966 South African Library, Cape Town MSB655: Viljoen, D.J. Diaries with English translations. * 1901-1902 Cape Archives A630: De Villiers, J.A. Diaries. * 1902-3 Natal Archives A791: Stevenson, R.E. Diary and letters of Miss L.H. Rose. * 1908 Albany Museum SMD832: Drummond, J.H. Manuscript, diary. autobiography; children. * 1911 Godfrey, Rev. Robert Christian Express 41:484 Notes from a naturalist's diary. * 1912 Godfrey, Rev. Robert Christian Express 42:498 Notes from a naturalist diary, 1911. * 1913 Worsfold, William Basil The reconstruction of the new colonies. Based upon Lord Milner's diaries and unpublished correspondence. * 1913-17 South African Library, Cape Town MSC4c Boonzaier, D.C. Summary of Boonzaier diaries. * 1914-17 Kimberley Public Library MS56/ Rodger, T.H. Diaries manuscript;diary;autobiography. * 1914 Fouche, Dr. Leo Diary of Adam Tas. * 1915-32 Cory Library for Historical Research PR3708 Aubrey, G.C. Diaries (manuscript). * 1917 Transvaal Archives A2007: Michell, Sir Lewis Dagboek gehou deur Sir Lewis Michell gedurende 1917, tydens sy verblyf in Suid-Afrika en Brittanje. Diary. * 1929-1978 Cape Archives A2238: Van Zyl, D.H. Correspondence, personal diaries, diaries of overseas tours, poetry written by van Zyl. * 1931-1987 Cape Archives A2493 Boeseken, Anna J. Personal diaries in Dutch. * 1939-1977 South African Library, CapeTown MSC 33: Steyn, Rachel M. Diaries. * 1939-1969 South African Library, Cape Town MSB 244: Hawkins, M.E. Diaries. * 1946-1955 Wood, Joseph Percival Diaries (manuscript). * 1969 Herschel, Sir J.F.W. Herschel at the Cape: diaries and correspondence of Sir John Herschel 1834-1838. * 1971 Higgins, Aidan Images of Africa: diary (1956-60). * 1972 Howarth, Robert Guy Diary, drama and poetry presentations and recoveries. * 1973 Kilvert, R.F. Kilvert's diary, 1870-1879. * 1974 Casada, J.A. Quarterly Bulletin of the South African Library James A. Grant's Cape diary and sketches: 1860. * 1975 Smith, Marcus Johannesburg: Africana notes & news, June Marcus Smith: Cape railway pioneer (extracts from the diary of Marcus Smith, 1814-1904). * 1976-1982 Cape Archives A2490: Naude, Nadia Diaries and notebook. * 1979 Van Schoor, Adriaan M. Notes from my diary. * n.d. South African Library, Cape Town MSB132: Child, Daphne A merchant family in early Natal: diaries and letters of Joseph and Marianne Churchill 1850-1880. * n.d. South African Library, Cape Town MSB152a Duckitt, William William Duckitt's diary. * n.d. Cape Archives A959: Wijpkema, Dr. A. Diary of AM Haddingh. Studies on Autobiographical form * 1918 McPherson, Ethel L. Women letter writers and diarists of South Africa, 1710-1862: a lecture. * 1932 Smit, Hettie (Mev S.J. van Vuuren) Belangrike aspekte van die jeugdige sielelewe met toeligtings uit die dagboek van 'n Afrikaanse meisie, Thesis. psychoanalysis; * 1937 Van Schalkwyk, L. 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William Roome. * 1821-1956 University of Cape Town Publishers BC 737: Parker, G.F. Autobiographical articles. * 1823-1906 Cory Library for Historical Research MS6313: Kirk, M.J. Unchecked copy of her Autobiography. manuscript; * 1854 Cory Library for Historical Research MS1146: May, Daniel John Story of the life of Staff-Commander Daaniel John May. * 1858 Redding, Cyrus Fifty years' recollections, literary and personal: with observations on men and things. * 1860 Albany Museum SM5318: Gush, Richard The life of Richard Gush, an African Emigrant. * 1867 Barter, Charlotte Home in South Africa. * 1868 Fritsch, Dr. Gustav Drei jahre in Süd-Afrika. * 1870 Cape Monthly Mag. 1:1 A life's labours in Africa. * 1870 Dugmore, Rev. Henry H. The reminiscences of an Albany settler: J.C. Warner. * 1870-1950 Albany Museum SM167: Emslie, P.W. Autobiography of P.W. 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