Bennett, Benjamin


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(1904 London ‑1985) Author of non-fiction. Bennett came to South Africa as a child in 1912 with his parents. He was employed as a journalist. Bennett wrote a number of crime documentaries including The Evil That Men Do (1950), Too Late for Tears (1951), The Clues Condemn (n.d.), Destiny Comes Too Soon (1955), The Noose Tightens (1974) and The Scissors Murder (1976). He is also the author of an autobiography entitled They Crossed My Path: South Africa's Top Crime Writer (1972), as well as historical works entitled Down Africa's Skyways and Hitler Over Africa. Bennett also wrote a biography entitled Genius for the Defence: The Life of H.H. Morris, K.C., and was the 'ghost-writer' of Philip Blaiberg's Looking at My Heart (1968) which recorded the experiences of the world's second heart-transplant patient.

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